20+ Green Lebanon Pictures That Will Make You Want to Strap Yourself To A Tree

Lebanon Green Pictures That Will Have You Strap Yourself to a Tree
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Lebanon is famous for its lush forests and paradisaical sceneries and landscapes.

The awesome natural art pieces painted across its valleys, hills, and mountains are a great source of inspiration for environmental photographers, artists, as well as any beholder of their magnificence.

Because we should always remember to celebrate our remarkable environment, here is a list of 20+ pictures that showcase the stunning greenery of Lebanon.

#1 Green on cyan

#2 Touching the clouds

#3 There’s nothing quite like Aammiq

This picture is just one reason why you should visit the Aammiq Wetland.

#4 Good night, Lebanon

#5 The many shades of nature

#6 A bird’s-eye view of the Mediterranean

Lebanon; where the mountain touches the sea.

#7 Reaching for the sky

#8 Newborn flora

#9 Unmatched isolation

“Lebanon is an important beauty cultural heritage for this region and the world, and if Lebanon didn’t exist, then it is our duty to create it.” ~ Nizar Qabbani

#10 What’s hiding in there?

#11 A hypnotic pathway

#12 Stairway to heaven

It makes you wonder…

#13 Springtime

#14 Where are the nuts?

#15 All connected

#16 An otherworldly view

“Lebanon is one of the most beautiful mountainous areas on Earth…” ~ Victor Guérin, French intellectual, explorer.

#17 The perfect shade

#18 Don’t miss out on Lebanon’s splendid sunsets!

#19 Hidden treasures…

#20 The artist’s dream

#21 Endless mountains

#22 Magesty… The Cedars of God

Cedrus libani, the Lebanese cedar tree, is one of the most distinguished trees in the world. Check out these lesser-known facts about the Cedar of Lebanon.

#23 Natural camouflage

#24 Eden on earth

#25 To infinity…

#26 The reflection of paradise

Bonus: Would you rather be anywhere else?

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20+ Green Lebanon Pictures That Will Make You Want to Strap Yourself To A Tree

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