Group That Vanished In North Lebanon Mountains Was Finally Rescued

Three Lebanese Men Found After Going Missing On A Mountain

On Wednesday afternoon, three men, two of whom are Lebanese Army officers, were headed on a trip to the Qurnat As-Sawda area, the highest peak in Lebanon, when all contact with them was lost.

Municipal police and Lebanese Army patrols, accompanied by locals, commenced a search for the missing trio early on Wednesday amid worsening weather conditions that made the search more difficult.

The group had reportedly entered the northern Qurnat As-Sawda area from Zgharta, where they were last seen before their rescue.

A security camera positioned on a road leading up to the mountain had caught a photo of their car entering the area at 2 AM Tuesday.

Their disappearance was attributed to the violent storm that reached Lebanon this week, which caused damage to some roads, flooded others, and caused a building to collapse in Beirut.

However, during the search, there were concerns that the group might have been kidnapped.

This fear was soon dissipated when, after two days of searching, on Friday morning, brothers Michel and Joseph Chahine, and their companion Mario Tannous, were finally found and returned to safety aboard MP Tony Frangieh’s four-wheel drive.

The men appeared to be in good health in the pictures of them shared online after they were found.

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Group That Vanished In North Lebanon Mountains Was Finally Rescued

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