10 Lebanese Guesthouses for Your Getaway in Beqaa

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to discover the beauty of Lebanon? Do you ever think of the hidden gems our country hides from us?

If yes, pack your things and hop into your next adventure discovering the astonishing places of Lebanon.

Go and discover the charming South, the interesting North, the lovely Mount Lebanon, our lively capital, and the outstanding Beqaa! 

And, if you are thinking of the latter, the outstanding Beqaa, here are some places you will need to check out for a perfect getaway:

#1 Al Haush

Nestled in the heart of Beqaa Valley and built in the 1940s, Al Haush is a guesthouse renowned for its coziness and luxury.

With a touch of Mexico and a love for nature, the guesthouse is the top destination for those seeking an escape from the cities’ noises and lights.

Families, couples, friends, and singles enjoy at Al Haush an astonishing ambiance and exotic decore alongside with green spaces and a pool.

#2 L’Annexe

Located in the sun city Baalbeck, L’Annexe is a traditional Lebanese home built in the 19th century.

With the generosity and infinite love for their hometown, the couple Ali and Rima transformed the home to a guesthouse for those who are curious to discover the beauty of the city.

L’Annexe offers a remarkable architecture, mountain views, and a beautiful courtyard.

#3 Beit Ammiq

located in Ammiq, a tranquil village that sits on the eastern slopes of Mount Lebanon and overlooks West Beqaa’s fertile plains, Beit Ammiq is an ideal spot to relax and experience the beauty of nature. 

Light wooden tones, beautiful indoor plants, colorful artwork, and a flood of warm sunlight make the place an ideal home-away-from-home for families to enjoy. 

Near the guesthouse, guests can enjoy Tawlet Ammiq’s delicious traditional food, prepared with love and the freshest ingredients.

#4 Beit Al-Wadi

Located in Aabadiye, less than an hour from Beirut, Beit Al-Wadi is a guesthouse surrounded by magnificently preserved greenery.

With a contemporary outlook on traditional Lebanese architecture, the guesthouse is a secret getaway. Guests can enjoy the green spaces, relax in a cozy place, and still discover the gems of Beirut and the surroundings.

#5 Beit El-Kroum Boutique Hotel

Located 5 minutes away from Zahle‘s city center, Beit el Kroum is a guesthouse offering a cozy stay for its guests. With an outdoor pool and terrace, the place offers a great view of the Beqaa Valley.

In addition to the friendly staff,  guests have said to love the delicious food, especially the international buffet on Sundays. 

#6 Taanayel Ecolodge

Situated in Taanayel, Taanayel Ecolodge was built in 2006 to offer an eco-tourism in the region. The architecture of the Ecolodge is inspired by the old Lebanese way of building with clay bricks, conserving the cultural heritage of the region.

Guests sleep on wool mattresses on the ground just like our ancestors. Plus, they can enjoy the delicious Lebanese food served by the authentic Al Khan Al-Makssoud. 

#7 Domaine De Chouchène

In Qab Elias, Domaine de Chouchène opened its doors for guests in 2017. In the guesthouse, there are five rooms to accommodate guests with luxurious comfort.

What’s special about Domaine de Chouchène is the green spaces surrounding it and the events they host for their guests.

Guests can enjoy a morning walk in the forest and a cup of coffee by the river. Besides, they can discover the Plaza of the Cross, the Plaza Fakkhreddine, and the Haidara Ruins.

#8 Hotel Saint-Jean

Located in Zahle, Hotel Saint-Jean is a unique cultural heritage from 1915. The family-run guesthouse offers the ultimate comfortable experience for both adults and children with friendly staff ready to please.

Guests can enjoy super clean rooms with a fresh breakfast satisfying the tummy’s needs. Right in the central city, the hotel tends to be a top destination for those seeking to discover Zahle nightlife. 

#9 Akl Hotel

Located in Zahle, Akl Hotel offers 10 cozy rooms to provide guests with the ultimate relaxation. 

The hotel dates back over 100 years and has all the old characteristics preserved, including the stone walls, tall ceilings, and graceful arching windows.

Besides offering leisure services, Akl Hotel offers you the opportunity to discover Zahle and its hidden gems.

#10 Lazzab Ecolodge

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Situated in the heart of the Lazzab forest, 20 kilometers southwest of Hermel, Lazzab eco-lodge overlooks the lush Beqaa Valley. It is a place of total calm and serenity with no other building for miles and miles.

The rooms are beautifully simply constructed with basic materials and powered with solar panels as electricity doesn’t reach the area.

It is the perfect destination for those who are considering spending a lifetime experience of hiking, chilling, and watching the starriest nights.

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