10 Charming Guesthouses for Your Getaway in the South of Lebanon

It’s always pleasing to explore a city or region, whether you’re a local resident or a tourist.

We Lebanese always tend to travel and explore foreign countries before considering the wealth of interesting places worth visiting in our own country; from South to North, and from coasts to mountains.

Today, we encourage you to visit the South of Lebanon with its various historical sites and lovely places, and here are some great guesthouses we have compiled for you, should you consider taking a long break or a weekend off your routine.

#1 Dar Alma

Cozily nestled on the beautiful waterfront of Tyre‘s old town, Dar Alma Boutique Hotel is a guesthouse that blends traditional Lebanese values with international standards.

With spacious comfortable rooms and a breathtaking sea view, this guesthouse offers as well the amenity of a seafood restaurant that boasts a variety of local and fusion delicacies. 

#2 Dar Camelia

Hidden in the heart of Tyre‘s old city, Dar Camelia merges the traditional Lebanese home and Morrocan raids and guarantees its guests a unique and memorable Mediterranean stay.

This homey eight-room boutique hotel offers a lounge bar and, if you want to treat yourself better with some delicious food, there are several restaurants and cafes just around the corner. 

#3 L’auberge De Tyr

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L’auberge De Tyr is a new getaway destination located in Abbessieh, just a few minutes ride from Tyre

With its cozy ambiance and great services, you can enjoy a wide green area, swimming pool, and even a zoo. To maximize a happy visit, you can enjoy horse riding in addition to training sessions with a professional trainer. 

#4 Les Jardin De Tyr

Nestled on the outskirts of the city of Tyre, Les Jardin De Tyr is a 10-room guesthouse encompassing Lebanese traditional and Mediterranean lifestyle.

With an astonishing garden and a large pool, this 90 years old house offers some outdoor sports such as tennis on clay, table tennis, billiards, boating, and much more.

#5 Al Yasmine Guesthouse

Located half-way between Tyre and Naqoura, Al Yasmine Guesthouse is the perfect escape from all the crowd and traffic.

Named after the owner’s daughter, it was a farmhouse before turning into a guesthouse for the people to enjoy the luxury and comfort of nature.

You can chill there near the pond populated with ducks, swans, and flamingos. You will also get to see deers as you walk around and enjoy our sacred mother nature. 

#6 BlueJay Valley

Hidden in a green valley surrounded by pines and oaks in the heart of Azour-Jezzine, Bluejay Valley is a gem you should make it a point to discover.

Comfort, luxury, and raw nature, all offered by this astonishing guesthouse. Not only does it provide an exceptional stay, but also a variety of delicious food of their authentic cuisine. 

#7 La Maison de la Forêt

Located deep within one of Lebanon’s largest pine forests in Bkassine, La Maison de la Forêt is the ultimate place for a memorable and charming getaway.

From exciting outdoor activities to quality food and comfortable accommodations, this guesthouse is the perfect escape for people looking to enjoy the fresh air and break away from their daily routine. Oh, and it’s Shisha-free!

 #8 Beit Matta

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Set in Jarjouaa, Beit Matta is a family home managed by two sisters, Jeanne and Christine Matta.

With a lovely garden fully equipped to enjoy the organic life, bbq with some friends, a dip in the pool, or even a night under the stars, this gem is the perfect destination to disconnect from all the negativity and just enjoy the moment.

With their passionate Lebanese hospitality, the Matta sisters make sure their guests enjoy their stay till the last bit.

#9 Gladys

Located inside the village of Jinjleya, a 15-minute drive east of Saida (Sidon), Gladys is a homey guesthouse hiding behind a great story that is worth sharing with you.

The guesthouse was formerly a house built by the couple Gladys and Elias Saab. After the disappearance of her husband Elias during the civil war, Gladys had to be the strong woman transforming her weakness into a strength.

She turned their home into a guesthouse, rising from the misery to live properly with her two daughters.

With a vegetarian cuisine, amazing ambiance, and a touching story, Gladys is a great getaway for some revival. 

#10 Luna Motel

Situated in Naqoura, Luna Motel is family-owned and just five minutes away from the beach. It is known for its great services, cozy ambiance, delicious cuisine, and an astonishing view.

The motel is surrounded by refreshing greenery, and all those who visited it have greatly loved it and recommended it for a charming getaway.

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