5 Guesthouses In Anfeh, Lebanon That Are Perfect For Your Next Staycation

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The ancient Phoenician town of Anfeh in Lebanon is an exquisite gem that shines brightly with history and beauty on the Lebanese coast, a 65 km ride north from Beirut and just 15 km from Tripoli.

With plenty to admire in that small coastal town, you ought to consider it for your next getaway or staycation. Here are 5 guesthouses where you can stay for an immaculate seaside experience.

#1 Iskandar Guesthouse

Located across the sea is one of Anfeh’s newest stays: Iskandar Guesthouse. It is a wonderful place with 7 excellent room options and an enjoyable terrace with a great view to relax after a day on the beach as you bask in the Lebanese sunset.

#2 Ô Fleur De Sel

Located within walking distance to the beach, Ô Fleur De Sel is a stunning authentic sandstone guesthouse offering an exceptional seaside getaway facing the historical Anfeh bay.

#3 Anfawiyat

Anfawiyat is a guesthouse in the heart of old town Anfeh located a minute’s walk to the sea. It has a large welcoming front yard/foyer area, cozily decorated interior, several unique bedrooms, and a big kitchen and dining space. It is an ideal house to book for a family or a group of friends.

#4 Ô Chalet

Ô Chalet is situated in Anfeh’s famous little Greece-styled corner, Tahet El-Rih, lovingly nicknamed Anforini. You can sleep to the sound of the crashing waves at this adorable marine cottage.

#5 Marsē

Marsē is a hidden gem by all definitions. This quaint bed and breakfast is a pleasant surprise. Located just 1 minute from Tahet El-Rih, Marsē has several accommodation options, from rooms to cozy tents.

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