Your guide to finding the best graffiti in Lebanon!

Graffiti can be found everywhere in Lebanon! Some murals pay tribute to Lebanese legends; others convey social messages.



Artist: Jorge Rodriguez Gerada Location: Kanda’ El Ghamiq (Beirut Green Line) This mural highlights the importance of education and innovation in building the country’s future.

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Artist: ASHEKMAN Location: Tripoli This artwork can only be seen from space! It’s a message of peace from the people of Tripoli to the world!

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Artist: ASHEKMAN Location: Corniche Al Mazraa

Immeuble Noueiri


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Artist: Yazan Halwani Location: Beirut Green Line This mural depicts a scene from 


West Beirut

 where May, a Christian girl, and Tarek, a Muslim boy, are sharing cotton candy.

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Artist: Yazan Halwani Location: Hamra



Artist: Niels Shoe Meulman Location: Verdun This graffiti aims to unify Beirut and destroy the political borders that were diving 


. “The words EAST and WEST start off differently but end the same; with ST. I mixed up the first two letters to form EEST and WAST, and now nobody knows which is which,” said Meulman.

Gibran Khalil Gibran


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Artist: Yazan Halwani Location: close to Sodeco Square

Wadih El Safi


Artist: ASHEKMAN Location: Tabaris


Artist: ASHEKMAN Location: Ouzai


Meeting of Alphabets


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Artist: El Seed Location: Achrafieh This is a quote by the Lebanese writer Amin Rihani on an old building wall in Achrafieh. The quotes says:

“My wish is to live without disliking anyone,


To love without being jealous of anyone,To rise without being elevated over anyone, andTo advance without stepping on anyone or becoming envious of those above me.”

Ziad Rahbani


Artist: ASHEKMAN Location: Bechara El Khoury – Sodeco intersection

The three legends

Artist: ASHEKMAN Location: Baalbek


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