Your Ultimate Guide To Vegan Restaurants In Lebanon!

If you ever think of embracing veganism, don’t worry at all. Veganism is both a diet and a lifestyle being embraced also by Lebanese people at a growing rate.

As many people are turning their backs on animal-based products and food, lots of restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets in Lebanon have introduced a wide variety of plant-based products to please their clientele.

Here are some 100% vegan restaurants and some vegan-friendly ones:

#1 Ballouta Vegan Goods

After 5 years of offering vegan delicates to cafes and restaurants, Ballouta opened its doors in February 2019, in Jounieh.

From sandwiches and burgers to sushi and donuts, you will find everything you crave for in this 100% vegan cafe. You can also benefit from their local vegan market and satisfy all your cravings.

#2 Coara

Hidden in the mountains of Shouf, Coara is a 100% vegan and organic restaurant offering diverse vegan homemade options.

Vegan Pizza? Vegan Shawarma? Vegan Knefeh? Just hit Coara to satisfy your delights and fill your tummy with yummy vegan food! Besides, you can shop for their homemade vegan products and Mouneh (food provision)!

#3 Luna’s Kitchen

As a part of a growing community that offers large options for green people, Luna’s kitchen is a 100% vegan restaurant.

At Luna’s Village, the pretty colorful building on Tannoukhyine street, this 24/7 vegan diner gives more diverse vegan options, including hotdogs! Don’t hesitate in hitting the place when looking for special vegan food. 

#4 Coconoix

In the heart of Ashrafieh, Coconoix is a vegan-friendly coffee shop that offers super delicious delights.

With a charming entrance, perfect pastries, and astonishing ambiance, Coconoix works on satisfying your caffeine fix, sweet tooth, or salad cravings.

#5 Orenda

Orenda is the latest hidden vegan gem in Mar Mikhael, Beirut. With an outstanding ambiance and mega friendly staff, Orenda has grown a fanbase that craves its delicious vegan food daily.

Their entirely plant-based menu is a must-try even if you are not so greeny!

#6 Frosty’s Vegan Kitchen 

Nested also in Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Frosty’s Vegan Kitchen opens Monday through Saturday from noon till 10 PM, serving delicious plant-based dishes.

Before turning vegan, the restaurant was called Frosty Palace and served juicy burgers, until its owner became more aware of the draining effect of industrial farming and meat consumption on the natural resources of our planet.

#7 Vegan

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Vegan is for the vegans! Located in Kaslik, Vegan is true to its name, offering the plant-based experience with no glimpse of animals. If you are coveting some burgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches, hit this small kiosk and enjoy its delicious healthy food.

#8 Any Falafel Restaurant in town!

You can always ditch Shawarma for Falafel, and you don’t even need to feel guilty! A falafel sandwich stays a perfect fit for each vegan. Just mix it up with some tomatoes, lettuce, and tarator sauce, and you are ready to go!

#9 Any Restaurant with Salad Bar Deal in town!

Salads, of course! They are the ultimate option for greeny humans. You cannot find a restaurant in that category that doesn’t offer at least 5 kinds of salads.

Plus, you can always check restaurants offering salad bar deals that have a wide selection of delicious ingredients leaving you refreshingly satisfied. 

#10 Any Restaurant With Vegan Options in town

There are many restaurants in Lebanon nowadays that are offering vegan options, or even turning their dishes into vegan upon requests. To name a few: Bartartine, Roadster Diner, Zaatar w Zeit, Casper & Gambini’s…

A friendly reminder:

Lebanese Cuisine has countless of vegan dishes. So, if you happen to be invited to a Lebanese food restaurant, don’t feel stuck. Check the menu and inquire with the waiter if any non-vegan ingredient is in the vegetarian dishes of your choice.


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