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10 Cozy Guesthouses for Your Next Getaway Weekend in Mount Lebanon

Guesthouses you would like to check out for a trip in the mountains.

Go where you feel most alive, explore the mountains, and enjoy a swim in a wonderful sea. You can do all of these activities in Mount Lebanon, and more. As they say, hike more and worry less. A new resolution worth adopting. Exploring the mountains and chilling in greenery spaces is moreover a great mental therapeutic endeavor. Mount Lebanon offers plenty of such possibility and the amenities of charming guesthouses for your accommodation. Here are some of them worth checking out:

#1 Bouyouti

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Nestled among luscious green surrounding in Maaser Beiteddine, Bouyouti is the ultimate guesthouse if you are planning to discover Chouf and its natural reserves. The hillside estate offers a pool, a small chapel,  a specialty restaurant, several gardens, and unique stone cottages for homey accommodation. Within the warm ambiance and the coziness of the units, guests have said to feel at home and at ease.

#2 Beit Trad

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Located in the village of Kfour in Keserwan, overlooking Jounieh bay, Beit Trad is a unique guesthouse mixing in its ceilings traditional architecture and beautiful designs. This was initially a family house that was restored and renovated after the mother passed away in 2013, and turned into a guesthouse that welcomes guests in a heartwarming ambiance. 

Hidden between greenery, old trees, and a small pine tree forest, guests have been enjoying various outdoor activities, such as sight-seeing, hiking, wine tasting, and skiing. 

#3 Beit Fares and Lucia

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Occupying a perfect spot inside the medieval city wall of Byblos, Beit Fares wa Lucia is a stunning property reserving in its walls the traditional architecture. The renowned guesthouse is surrounded by pretty gardens containing fruit trees and colorful flowers. In addition, this homely guesthouse has a terrace providing a magical viewpoint over the Mediterranean Sea and the ancient Citadel of Byblos

#4 Beit Wadih

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Nestled in the heart of Ghazir, overlooking the awe-inspiring bay of Jounieh, Beit Wadih is a guesthouse owned by a family and built in the 1950s. It is a traditional Lebanese guesthouse providing comfort for its guests by rooms with decorated furniture passed by generations. Starting your day with a delicious fresh-made breakfast, prepare to discover the nearby sites and enjoy some outdoor activities. 

#5 Beit El-Bahr

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Located in the famous seaside of Tabarja in Kessrwan, Beit El-Bahr (meaning "House of the Sea") is a charming guesthouse offering its guests some wonderful sea-views and direct access to the beach. It is a 19th century Lebanese home featuring six bedrooms, tall arched windows, and vaulted ceilings. It is an ideal destination for those who desire to chill in a terrace, read a book, and swing in a hammock.

#6 Beyt El-Jabal

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Situated in the mountain town of Deir El-Qamar, Beyt El-Jabal (meaning "The Mountain's House) is a guesthouse boasting a wonderful garden and terrace. The guesthouse contains eight rooms with a cozy comfortable ambiance. Hiking is among the outdoor activities one can enjoy in the nearby areas, and also visiting the historical sites of the town. Plus, it is within easy reach of Beiteddine.

#7  Dar Linda

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Nestled in the side of a mountain overlooking Deir El-Qamar, Dar Linda is a perfect escape to mother nature's heaven. Guests have said to be fascinated by the guesthouse with its many traditional and old details organized on its shelves and in its corners. Dar Linda comes with a peaceful garden offering the guests a serene haven during their stay.

#8 La Maison du Bonheur

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Occupying a prime position in the dreamy mountain village of Deir El-Qamar, La Maison du Bonheur is what its name says: A home full of happiness and positivity. In addition to the generosity of its owner and the breathtaking views, this charming guesthouse is surrounded by magnificent gardens and green spaces to explore. The little details found in this gem will make you speechless of its beauty.

#9 Bkerzay

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Located in the heart of Chouf, Bkerzay is an eco-friendly guesthouse and a perfect getaway to reconnect with nature and take a break from urban life. By using solar energy and recycling water, Bkerzay is a perfect fit for nature enthusiasts. The guesthouse comes with a heavenly view and vintage furniture keeping its guests in awe. Spending a night in Bkerzay gives you access to an infinity pool, hiking trail, pottery studio, and common areas.

#10  Guita

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Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Akoura, Guita is an environmental-friendly guesthouse. It is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities and chill in greenery spaces. Mother and son, combining their love for agriculture, nature, and traditional cuisine, are behind this green haven of peace. The peaceful and homey getaway offers its guests a heartwarming welcome, delicious meals, and wide green areas to enjoy.

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