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Ehden, Lebanon in 15 amazing photos

Ehden is straight out of a fairy tale!

Ehden is a picturesque town in North Lebanon. Located 1,500 meters above sea level, it is is a famous summer resort and tourist hub.

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It overlooks coastal towns and villages as far as Akkar and Chekka.

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Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve houses cedars and encloses 1,058 plant species which 40% of them are native plant species in Lebanon. This place is also rich with trees: 39 species of native trees have been identified.

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You can hike in the reserve and see what Ehden's nature has to offer!

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This town is also a popular camping and hiking destination! Its clean and breathtaking environment attracts people who seek peace and fresh air.

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Also, the light pollution is low in Ehden which makes it the perfect place to stargaze and take amazing shots of the night sky!

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This mountainous region is also famous for its delicacies. Kebbeh meshwyeh and kebbeh nayeh are the culinary signatures of Ehden.

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Ehden broke a Guinness World Record on August 29, 2009! A Lebanese NGO called Al Midan made the biggest kibbeh in the world. It weighed 233 kilograms. The dish was prepared by 25 women in Ehden!

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Ehden is also home to Ozzy which is a restaurant that only hires people with special needs. They help in the kitchen and wait tables.

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The employees are paid every month, and the rest of the money goes to projects that aim to help people with special needs integrate into society.

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Did you know? There’s a crater in Mars named after Ehden! It measures 57.4 km in diameter.

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Al Midan is where all the fun happens! It's full of restaurants where you can gather with your friends and taste delicious food.

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Care for some coffee?

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Ehden is magical in winter!

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This town is straight out of a fairy tale!

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