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Your Guide To The Beautiful Zahle of Lebanon!

Zahle is one of the largest regions in Lebanon. Located in the East, it is the capital of the Bekaa Governorate. This city is full of beautiful sceneries, exciting places to visit and great food to taste! You should consider visiting this city soon!

Chateau Ksara

Zahle is famous for its grape fields, and its wineries! One of the most renowned wineries in Lebanon, Chateau Ksara, is located in Zahle.

Berdawni promenade

This promenade is one of the top attractions of Zahle! Located along the river, the walk is filled with restaurants and cafes. Nothing beats a nice Lebanese lunch along the freshness of the river!

Haidara Ruins

These ruins date back to the Roman era. According to a legend, a mirror was placed on the front of the building in order to reflect the sunlight down to the village.

Abandoned Railway

Just like all major cities in Lebanon, Zahle also had a railway. During the Lebanese civil way, the rail transports in Lebanon ended their operation. So, the railway of Zahle is left abandoned.

Our Lady of Zahle and the Bekaa

This Marian Shrine is one of the most visited sites in Zahle. It is located on the top of the hill in Zahle and looks over the city and the valley. It is a famous destination for pilgrims and tourists. The top offers a nice view of the region.


Zahle is one of the leading agricultural areas in Lebanon. It economy heavily relies on the production of grapes. The city is filled with vineyards. Also, vines grow on the terraces of the enchanting traditional houses of Zahle. So, do not hesitate to taste the grapes and satisfy your taste buds.


The mechtah is the bread of Zahle. It is mostly enjoyed when it’s straight out of the oven. Feel free to visit any of the local bakeries and taste the unique food culture of Zahle.

Kaak bi halib

The kaak bi halib are soft milky buns. Zahle is recognized for the unique way its bakeries prepare this delicacy.


The erben, or holy bread, is the signature of Zahle.


Lebanon is one of the oldest sites of wine production in the world. In fact, vines were already growing in Lebanon 5,000 years ago. The Phoenicians were among the first people that produced wine. Zahle is the home of a famous

Lebanese wine

brand called “Chateau Ksara.” Don’t hesitate to pay a visit the winery and taste what Lebanese grapes can offer.


Zahle produces an excellent quality of Arak! In this region, you can also find numerous arak distilleries!

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