Lebanese Guinness Record Breaker Is Creating Largest Flag Ever With Recycled Material

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Two-time Guinness World Record breaker, Caroline Chaptini, is embarking on a new challenge to break the record for the largest recyclable material mosaic flag in the world!

In the spirit of Lebanon’s Independence Day, she is attempting to make the largest Lebanese flag entirely out of recycled items.

She is collecting things such as recycled bottle caps, plastic shisha tips, used red shotgun shells (the ones used in hunting activities), 7-Up bottles, and more.

Chaptini told The961 that her plan is to finish it before Independence Day, but the stormy weather might push back the process.

“Guinness doesn’t have a deadline so we can keep going, but I am trying to finish it before Independence Day,” she said.

She’s trying, she says… And she might succeed as it won’t be the first time she breaks (also) a time-record as we witnessed with her last achievement that earned her a Guinness title as well.

Chaptini is an environmental activist and a strong advocate of recycling. She hopes to spread awareness through her many engaging projects.

She broke her first record when she made the largest structure out of plastic bottles last year, beating Mexico’s record. It was this huge Christmas eco tree:

Earlier this year, she broke her second record for the largest crescent moon out of recycled bottle caps, beating Japan’s record.

Caroline Chaptini is a remarkable woman and an inspiring person. Not only does she endeavors to spread awareness and break world records but she’s among the first to take a personal initiative to help shelter those who lost their homes in the Beirut blast.

She auctioned a beautiful piece of art of hers, made of recycling materials, to cover rents for several families. “The proceeds will help us cover a 2-month rent for affordable houses,” Chaptini told The961 back then. “The more money we have, the more families we can help.”

In addition to being home to remarkable people who stand by each other in times of need, Lebanon is also a proud breaker of 30+ records, the most known of them being the world’s largest hummus bowl.

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