Gunmen Just Opened Fire at Kataeb Party HQ in Downtown

Kataeb Party's headquarters in downtown Beirut
Via Kataeb

At dawn Sunday, unidentified gunmen attacked Kataeb Party’s “Central House” headquarters in Central Beirut. The assailants opened fire at the building, hitting its eastside with 6 bullets before escaping the area.

Later that day, the party released a statement addressing the incident. It called on Lebanon’s security agencies to run an investigation to “unveil the identity of the assailants and instigators,” Naharnet reported.

Responding to the attack, Kataeb stated that its headquarters “embodies independence and freedom.”

“House of the People”

Moreover, it called attention to when protesters took shelter in the Central House when riot police clashed with them during the uprising.

“The House has been dubbed as the ‘House of the People’ by the October 17 revolution,” the party said in reference to that incident.

Furthermore, it held its HQ as “the gathering place of revolutionaries and free people of various sects, belongings, and orientations.”

Finally, Kataeb affirmed it “was not dissuaded by storms and tornadoes throughout 84 years, it will not be intimidated by juvenile acts or cheap and petty political messages.”

Gunmen attacked Kataeb Party's Central House in Saifi on Sunday
Via Naharnet

Accordingly, Government Commissioner to the Military Court, Judge Peter Germanos, has instructed the Army Intelligence to conduct investigations to uncover the gunmen who attacked the Kataeb’s headquarters.

On a side note, Sami Gemayel, Leader of the Kataeb Party, recently criticized PM Hassan Diab’s Eurobonds default speech. He blasted the speech for not introducing any legal measures or “urgent reforms,” among other things.

“All we heard was declaring the state’s bankruptcy and exposing the truth about the net reserves in foreign currencies at the Banque du Liban,” Gemayel said on Saturday.

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