7 Habits You Can Relate To Only If You’re Truly Lebanese

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Lebanon, a nation rich in culture and history, has a distinct identity that its people proudly embody. From bustling cities to stunning landscapes, Lebanon’s true essence can be found in the unique habits of its people.

If you’re a genuine Lebanese, you’ll resonate with these habits that are undeniably part of the local experience.

The Art of Greetings

For true Lebanese, greetings are an elaborate ritual. Handshakes aren’t just handshakes; they involve multiple cheek kisses, heartfelt inquiries about family, and friendly banter, even with casual acquaintances.

The true test is to know whether the other person is going for two or three kisses.

Embracing Multilingualism

Lebanese Arabic Institute

Fluent in at least three languages? That’s the norm in Lebanon. True Lebanese have a knack for effortlessly switching between Lebanese, Arabic, French, and English in conversations, often blending all in a single sentence.

Traffic Flow Dance

Navigating Lebanon‘s lively traffic isn’t just a commute; it’s a synchronized dance. True Lebanese have mastered the art of lane-switching, horn-honking, and using creative hand signals to communicate with fellow drivers.

Culinary Adventure

If you’re a true Lebanese, you’re a bona fide foodie. Lebanese cuisine is a feast for the senses, and locals take immense pride in savoring everything from the renowned falafel and hummus to the more exotic kibbeh and fattoush.

Time Bends to Socializing

Lebanese time operates on its own clock. If you’re invited to an event at 7 PM, arriving fashionably late is not just accepted; it’s expected. Socializing is cherished, and conversations can carry on for hours.

Passionate Political Debates

Politics is practically a national sport in Lebanon. True Lebanese engage in passionate debates about the country’s complex political landscape, discussing matters with fervor, whether at the local café or around the dinner table.

Festival Fever

From religious festivities to music and cultural events, true Lebanese know how to celebrate. Whether it’s lighting up fireworks during Eid or dancing the night away at the Baalbeck International Festival, embracing traditions and joy is second nature.

Being a true Lebanese means embracing these idiosyncrasies with a mix of pride, humor, and camaraderie. These habits are a testament to the lively spirit and rich diversity that make Lebanon and its people truly special.

If you can relate to these quirky behaviors, you’re undoubtedly part of the Lebanese tapestry.

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