14 Things You Should Know About Hadath El-Jebbeh In Lebanon

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In the northern mountains of Lebanon, 94 km from Beirut and 30 km from Tripoli, lies the peaceful town belonging to the Bsharre District: Haddath El-Jebbeh.

It rests quietly under the snow during winter and goes on a high upbeat during summer with many of the natives returning from the coastal cities and visitors seeking a refreshing summer with outdoor activities.

We mostly know of Haddath as a district in Beirut, and probably of the town Haddath in Baalbeck.

However, little has been spoken about this beautiful ancient town perched high in the mountains of the North, although it is a famous summer destination for the residents of Tripoli and beyond.

So here is what you should know about Haddath El-Jebbeh:

#1 The town dates back to 400 A.D.

#2 “Haddath” comes from the Semitic root for “the new” and is locally pronounced “Hadad”.

#3 “Jebbeh” is the traditional name for the Qadisha region

It comes from the Semitic root “Gb” to mean “well” or “deep”, describing the Qadisha Valley. This brings us to the next point.

#4 Hadath El-Jebbeh is perched on a hill overlooking the mesmerizing Qadisha Valley

The region is full of religious heritage and architecture, creating a combination of calm nature and the serenity of faith.

#5 In the town square, you’ll find the 907-year old St. Daniel Church

The town has two main churches: The historical church of St. Daniel, the saint patron of the town, built around 1110 CE, and the Notre-Dame church built in 1956.

Saint Daniel Church was erected over the ruins of the monastery of Prophet Elijah, which itself was built over the ruins of a pagan temple.

Throughout history, the church was destroyed and rebuilt several times, one of which during the Mamluk persecution of the Christians.

Saint Daniel Church stands as a strong statement of the resilience of the brave northern people.

#6 Beautiful old architecture is seen across the town

#7 With an altitude of 1,500 meters, it’s a stunning place for stargazing

#8 It is rich in natural beauty, and most importantly Cedar trees!

It’s perfect for nature lovers, hikers, and campers.

It annually welcomes in its hotels and rental apartments many families and tourists, escaping the hot summer humidity for an enjoyable and refreshing summer.

#10 The town has amazing views wherever you stand and look

#11 The Saint Patron of the town is celebrated every September with a special festival

#12 The town’s camping facility Arzat is also a venue for outdoor family lunches and weddings

#13 In winter, it looks like a winter wonderland

#14 Haddath El-Jebbeh is certainly worth exploring

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