Hadath Municipality Just Donated 250 Million LBP to Lebanese Red Cross

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According to NNA, the municipal council of Al-Hadath, Sibniyeh – Haret El-Botm issued a decision to give the Lebanese Red Cross Society a financial contribution of 250 million Lebanese Pounds (about 165,125.- USD at the official exchange rate).

This donation aims to support the Lebanese Red Cross with its free health missions that have increased with the growing number of people infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout Lebanon.

Lebanese Red Cross at the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak – Lebanese Red Cross Org.

The municipality explained that the decision is based on the Municipalities Law No. 77/118 and its amendments, and on the requirements of public safety, and on the importance of participating in the measures taken to reduce the risk of the spread of this emerging virus.

Ever since the coronavirus (COVID-19) has swept Lebanon weeks ago, the Lebanese Red Cross has been financially struggling to help the patients affected, and suspected, get the medical aid needed.

Lebanese Red Cross volunteers readying to respond to emergencies amid coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon – Lebanese Red Cross Org.

LRC is running out of funds as every coronavirus mission costs them a total of 850$, including the expenses of the specialized kits and transportation.

Hazmat suits designed to protect health workers from coronavirus (COVID-19) cost as high as 600$, which is not helping the not-for-profit LRC.

Not only is the LRC suffering from lack of funds, but its teams and ambulances are facing rejection by private hospitals out of fear from coronavirus, according to Secretary-General Georges Kettaneh in an interview with MTV Lebanon.

With 120 confirmed coronavirus cases in Lebanon as of March 17th, and the numbers of infected getting higher by the day, the Lebanese Red Cross is being called for duty more than ever.

The Municipality of Hadath’s donation of 250 million LBP will now enable the Lebanese Red Cross to answer the call of 194 potential coronavirus missions, keeping its liquidity sustain for a little while longer.

The Lebanese State has declared a health emergency until 29 April to contain the spread of the highly infectious virus, which puts the nation under lockdown.

Support the Lebanese Red Cross

People residing in Lebanon are hoping that the number of infected or suspected cases drop drastically, easing up the physical and mental pressure LRC is facing as well as the health workers fighting inside and outside the hospitals.

Many of the Lebanese people have also donated to the Lebanese Red Cross, encouraging other societies to do the same to help keep its heroic missions going.

The fight is still ongoing and more support will be needed.

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