It’s Been 2 Weeks And There’s Still No Trace Of Missing Hady Hokayem

Karl Georges Khawaja | @alaindagher93

On the morning of Wednesday, April 14th, Hady Hokayem went missing near a popular hiking trail in Beit Chlela. Till now, there is absolutely no trace of him.

It has been a long 2 weeks. His family and friends are still searching tirelessly for even the slightest clue. Speaking to The961, his relative said there were no updates in the search. “Unfortunately, nothing new till now,” she told us.

Search parties have looked in an out of the river where a witness said he saw Hady go into the water. However, search teams did not find a single lead.

“It just doesn’t make sense. I’m still praying for his safe return,” someone wrote in a Facebook group that was created by Hady’s cousin to follow up on his disappearance.

People in the group are beginning to wonder if Hady was a victim of an attack. This is an option his family had also considered.

All options and hypotheses as to what might have happened to Hady are on the table, his relative told us.

“We have played out every scenario in our heads, even the worst. But the end result is the same: he’s missing. But we need to find him. Whether he is alive or dead, we need to find him to be able to grieve,” she added.

All his family and friends can do is hope that people continue talking about Hady.

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