After Over A Month, Hady Hokayem’s Body Was Finally Found

Karl Georges Khawaja | LebaneseCivilDefense

The body of 34-year-old Hady Hokayem was just found in the Nahr El-Joz river after a continuous search from April 14th, the day he was last seen.

The maritime rescue team in the Lebanese Civil Defense located his body about 300 meters away from where he was last seen. He was hidden in a waterfall and was buried beneath branches and soil under the water which made it difficult for search parties to find him earlier.

The decrease in water levels of the river better enabled the Civil Defense to carry out the search between rocks and into the deep hollows of the river.

A witness walking near the river reported following the sound of a loud cry or scream only to see Hokayem go into the river never to come out. By the time help arrived, Hokayem was nowhere to be found.

At the time, the river was freezing and gushing from snow melting and it was believed Hokayem got swept away by the strong flow of the river.

In a similar incident, earlier this month, 15-year-old Noura Hatoum fell into the Adonis River (Nahr Ibrahim) while on a hiking trip with a group of friends. Her body was found days later after the Lebanese Army mobilized to help in the search.

At that time, a member in the Lebanese Civil Defense informed The961 that the river was deadly and that no one had ever been retrieved alive.

“Whether he is alive or dead, we need to find him to be able to grieve,” Hokayem’s relative told The961 last month.