Someone Just Voted For Haifa Wehbe In The US Elections

Someone Just Voted For Haifa Wehbe In The US Elections
Special Arabia | Coutts

While a heated US presidential election is taking place involving the current president, Donald Trump, and his rival, Joe Biden, a voter apparently decided that neither politicians were as worthy of his vote as one of Lebanon’s most popular singers.

Without knowing it, Haifa Wehbe is running for the US presidency. As Trump and Biden clash in a tight election in which every vote can make a difference, Wehbe’s name made a surprise appearance on a ballot on Thursday.

The voter was so proud of his vote that he recorded a video showing the ballot and posted it on social media, where it immediately caught fire, attracting comments saying “Haifa Wehbe for President” among other humorous remarks.

“Between Trump and Biden, we also choose Haifa,” several Twitter users posted, with some fans going as far as calling for the Lebanese star to rule over the world.

The hilarious vote was apparently registered in the state of Michigan, which is known to host a large Lebanese-American population.

Funnily enough, a similar thing happened yesterday when someone in Fresno, California voted for none other than Lebanon’s Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri.