8 of the happiest Fairouz songs

A lot of things have been said about our Lebanese legend Fairouz. All the praises and the tributes can never be enough to express our gratitude for having such a great artist in our lifetime.


Fairouz is not only one of the most admired and influential singers in the Middle East but also a very remarkable and renowned artist on an international scale.

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Fairouz’s voice is part of our Lebanese heritage. Waking up to her songs is definitely the freshest way to start the day. Lebanese radio stations are even known to play Fairouz’s tracks before 8 am each morning!


Fairouz, in her songs, has adopted all subjects. From patriotism to love, loss, liberty, and religious celebrations, she managed to make the listeners feel all kinds of emotions.

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Here are 8 of Fairouz’s happiest songs that will guarantee to put you in a good mood!

Amara Ya Amara

The song is about a wild young girl called “Amara”. She is waiting for her loved one to come back, all the while trying to follow the directions he asked of her.


Tik Tik Tik Ya Em Sleiman

The song is from a movie called “Bint El Hariss” starring Fairouz. It is one of the most famous Lebanese children songs.


Oudak Rannan

The song is originally sung by Ziad El Rahbani, Fayrouz’s only son. It was later performed by the artist herself and released in 1984 on the album “Maarifti Feek”.


Bint El Shalabiya

The song is a man’s love declaration to the girl from Sevilla (Shalabiya). Sevilla is a city in the South of Spain where in medieval times, Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived in peace together.


Hanna El Sekran

The song was written by the late Melhem Barakat. The song is about a drunk called “Hanna” (John) who was in love with the girl next door.


Al Bosta

The song, written by Ziad El Rahbani and performed by Joseph Sakr in Rahbani’s play “Bel Nesbeh La Boukra Shou?” is one of the most iconic Fairouz’s songs.


Akher Eyam El Sayfiyi

The theme of the song is summer’s last days. It tells the story of the troubles a young girl faces in this time of year.


Tiri Ya Tiyara

Also known as a Lebanese children song, it was performed in the movie “Bint El Hariss”.


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