Hardine, Lebanon in 15 amazing photos

Located in North Lebanon, Hardine is a famous worship destination since it is home to 30 churches, monasteries, and hermitages. A gem surrounded by thick forests, this breathtaking village is characterized by red-tiled authentic Lebanese houses and natural wonders. 

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Hardine was home to many temples in the ancient times. This village was always considered to be a sacred place. 

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It is home to a temple that is dedicated to Mercury who is the Roman god of merchants, travelers, and transporters of goods. Emperor Hadrian commissioned the construction of the temple in 117 AD.

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An earthquake left the monument in ruins. Only a few columns remain standing.

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Early Christians used to hide in Hardine’s caves because they were being prosecuted by other religious groups. Qadisha Valley also served as a shelter for Christian communities.

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Hardine’s religious sites attract thousands of pilgrims every year. Some of the churches include Mar Sarkis and Bakhos, Mar Jeryes and Edna, and Saydet El Najat.

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The small churches offer peace and tranquility.

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Many people spend days in Hardine to engage in spiritual exercises.

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This village is the birthplace of Nimatullah Kassab Al Hardini who was a Lebanese monk. He was declared a saint by the Catholic Church on May 16, 2004.

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It is a must-visit for those who strive for adventures. Hardine encloses many mysterious caves and challenging hiking trails.

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The houses add a magical feel to the village.

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This is an example of a vernacular structure which reflects local traditions and the types of construction materials that is available in Hardine.

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Nearby villages include Tannourine and Douma. Make sure to visit Balou3 Bal3a for a spectacular view. You can also visit the charming souk of Douma.

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Visit Hardine if you’re seeking serenity!

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