Hariri Is Reportedly Days Away From Resigning… Again

Middle East Online

In comments in a radio interview, Future Movement vice president Mustafa Alloush stated that Saad Hariri was days away from submitting his resignation citing obstruction being practiced by the President’s side.

“We have four to five days in order to find a final solution prior to resignation,” he said. “All the attempts for formation with the Baabda camp have failed and, in principle, things are headed for resignation.”

Hariri was appointed as Prime Minister-designate in October and tasked with forming a government of non-partisan specialists able to carry Lebanon out of its crises.

Since then, the situation has been getting worse day by day, and because of that, Alloush stressed the seriousness of the resignation this time.

In a separate interview, a former PM, speaking on the condition of anonymity, noted that Hariri stepping down was a serious option on the table, adding that Michel Aoun was “betting on” Hariri‘s resignation.

He said that ex-PMs were not enthused about the option of naming a replacement for Hariri since resigning would be offering a gift to Aoun who, the former PMs believe, is obstructing the government formation to fulfill Gebran Bassil‘s desires.

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