Hariri Held Talks in Cairo Leaving Lebanon’s Government Formation On Hold

Daily News Egypt

On Wednesday, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri left crisis-ridden to meet with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi in Cairo.

The pair discussed updates of the situation in and the region, as well as relations between and Egypt, according to Hariri’s press office. 

Meanwhile, is being left to suffer more days without a new government after Hariri’s efforts to form one with President Michel Aoun have gone in vain. 

From Cairo, al-Sisi called on the disputing Lebanese politicians to form an independent government quickly in order to rescue the country of its mounting crises. 

According to a statement by the Egyptian presidency, Sisi reaffirmed Egypt’s support for in overcoming its crises and the impact of the Beirut Port explosion and the pandemic

With local efforts to form a government falling out of place, French President Emmanuel Macron said he intends to visit Beirut himself to revive the French initiative. 

Hariri is reportedly expected to fly to from Cairo, but it is not clear whether or not he plans on meeting with Macron himself.