Hariri Just Said He Doesn’t Want To Be Prime Minister Again

“After 40 days of Lebanese revolution, and nearly a month after the resignation of the government in response to their rightful demands, it is clear that what is more dangerous than the great national crisis and the severe economic crisis that our country is going through is the case of chronic denial that has been expressed on many occasions over the past weeks,” said Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri.


Hariri declared that he does not want to be reassigned to form a new government.  He added that “In the face of this grave situation, it is my duty to be honest with Lebanese men and women, as promised, an entry point to move the process of resolution and open the door to start the necessary political and economic solutions.”

He believes that the state is in chronic denial and is taking all the proposals for a solution as a pretext to continue its intransigence and refusal to listen to the people and their demands. Thus, he believes that by him refusing the position as PM to the new government, the government will be forced to find solutions.


He continued saying that he wants the politicians to be held accountable for the situation Lebanon is in today as much as the people want it, as well as changing the government structure.

“In secret and in public, I see no solution to the severe economic crisis except by a government of specialists, and nominate those who I see fit to form it, and then adopt the nomination after another for those who would form a techno-political government. I am accused of acting on the basis of “I or no one,” he added.


Finally, he expressed his confidence and hope that the President and the constitution will guide the Lebanese people and the country to safety. This all starts with the call for binding parliamentary consultations, to assign a new president to form a new government.


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