Hariri Just Submitted Draft Cabinet Lineup Of 18 Nonpartisan Specialists

Dalati Nohra/Handout via REUTERS

After weeks of going nowhere, the wheels of Lebanon’s government formation have finally started turning.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri officially submitted the draft of his Cabinet lineup consisting of 18 nonpartisan specialists and he seemed hopeful after his meeting with President Aoun.

“President Michel Aoun will study the line-up and we will meet again. The atmosphere is positive and I have big hopes that we will be able to form a government quickly,” said Hariri.

Lebanon is expected to have a new government by French President Emmanuel Macron’s next visit before Christmas.

That, of course, depends on whether Aoun and Hariri can settle their differences over ministerial posts.

On Tuesday, Al-Jadeed reported that France was mediating between Aoun and Hariri over the Christian share in the new Cabinet.

French mediators reportedly asked Aoun to name five Christian candidates for Hariri to agree upon before submitting the draft.

With Hariri’s positivity after the meeting, it seems the pair may have reached an agreement and that Lebanon could come to see a new government before Christmas.