Harissa Lights Up with the Lebanese Flag in Solidarity Against Coronavirus (Video)

Lady of Lebanon - Maronite Missionaries Association

One of the most famous landmarks of Lebanon, “Saydet Lebnen” stood shining out the Lebanese Flag on Wednesday night, radiating in red, white, and green over Jounieh Bay, infusing hope to the quarantined Lebanese from miles away.

It was the evening of the Annunciation, the right occasion deemed by the Maronite Father Fadi Tabet to renew the faith of the people in a country that has already endured a lot and is now battling against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

For the priest of the Maronite Missionaries Association, it was also a stand of solidarity with all affected in Lebanon and the world.

People went out on their balconies, joining in prayers as they admire the majestic sight of the illuminated Lady of Lebanon infusing them with hope from her 1,800 ft elevation in Harissa.

That Christian pilgrimage shrine has always held a lot of signification for the Lebanese who would turn to her at all times, in particular during Lebanon’s troubled history.

The white statue is over 100 years old, created in 1904 by the French, and made of bronze. Ever since its creation, the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon has drawn millions of Lebanese as well as non-Lebanese, Christians and Muslims, and people from all walks of life from all over the world.

Our Lady of Lebanon is considered a shrine for both Muslims and Christians who seek it for prayers and hope renewal. It is one of the many landmarks in the country that reflects Lebanon’s unity.

Hence, illuminated as it is now with the Lebanese flag is meant for all the nation with all its diversity as their country fights against a malicious enemy, and all pray for salvation and a healthier tomorrow.

Lebanon has been inflicted with that spreading virus that has crippled the country like never before, emptied the cities, and locked the people indoors while the health workers battle at the frontline.

So far, 333 cases have been confirmed, as of Wednesday, March 25th, and the Lebanese people are leaning on their faith to make it through.

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