Hasroun, Lebanon In 15 Amazing Photos

In the Northern Mountains of Lebanon, a lively village digs its ancient roots deep into the land of the cedars, perched over the Valley of the Saints, its red-tiled roofs topping its traditional Lebanese stone houses, adding a mesmerizing charm to the region.

That’s Hasroun, proudly lodged among the mighty mountains since the Phoenician era, carrying a Phoenician name that speaks of the “Fortress” that it was, impenetrable to all those who had tried to conquer it through its history and openly welcoming to all those who share the friendly nature of its people.

#1 Beautiful Magnificent View

Located at 1,420m above sea level, Hasroun enjoys during all seasons unparalleled views of the Qadisha valley and the mighty mountains.

#2 The Rose of the Mountain

Known as “The Rose of The Mountain” and labeled “Bouquet of Roses” by Lamartine, Hasroun boasts some thousand red-roofed houses that add a particular brilliance to its rich verdure and purplish soil.

#3 Radiant sunset

Spectacular sunsets even in winter when the town wears its splendid winter coat, appearing like a Christmas nativity. Worth mentioning that Hasroun doesn’t hibernate in winter. It is inhabited by permanent residents all year long.

#4 Magical nights

Radiantly spectacular at nights, Hasroun enjoys an up-to-date infrastructure, with schools, clinics, dispensaries, a town club, and a municipality center.

#5 Breathtaking scenery

When you want to experience a blissful moment of serenity in which you feel standing between heaven and earth, head to Hasroun!

#6 Romantic nights

You might feel walking through an old picturesque village yet the town has almost everything for an enjoyable and lively stay. It has a number of restaurants, boutiques, hotels, and summer residences.

#7 Sculpted by nature

Hasroun was named an impregnable fortress village for a good reason; a natural one. With profound gorges on one side and towering snowy peaks on the other, it was practically impossible for the invaders to defeat its steep cliffs and rocky landscape. 

#8 Traditional and homey

If you’ve never experienced the sensation of entering this type of old Lebanese house, let me tell you that they are embracingly homey, fresh during summer, and warm during winter.

#9 Like a bride in Spring time

Known for its healthy climate during all seasons, and its doctor-recommended Gharaqya water, many seeks Hasroun for their summer stay and as early as the spring starts blooming beautifully in its trees and gardens, making the town look like a joyful bride.

#10 Architectural beauty

The sophisticated Triple Arcade of the traditional architecture of Lebanon is also relevant in numerous of Hasroun’s old houses, adding subtle yet lively colors to the facades while allowing sunshine and light to stream in. 

#12 Winter fairy tale

It does look like a magical fairy tale when the snow immerses the town and the sun is bright in its strikingly pure blue sky. 

#13 Mystical

This large Maronite village boasts a history of resilience and resistance against persecution, and also of strong faith.

Some ancient religious sites remain to date, like the shrines of Saint Jacob and Saint Michael, the Saint Jude’s historical church, and the old monastery of St. Simon. That’s in addition to other churches, like St. James Church.

#14 Festive

Deemed by many as one of the most beautiful summer spots in Lebanon, Hasroun is a place where one can explore caves, monasteries, convents, and woodlands, but also enjoy its restaurants and festivities.

#15 When the fog embraces it

When the fog rises and embraces it, one feels in a magical surrounding as if the town has shifted up in the skies… It is during these blissful moments that one can just feel grateful towards the Creator and say: Sebhan Allah.

At that, we leave you with a quadcopter drone video footage created by CNK Hobbies, showing the exquisite town of Haroun and its natural surroundings of the Qadisha Holy Valley.

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