Hasroun, Lebanon in 15 amazing photos

Hasroun is a picturesque village in North Lebanon. It overlooks the majestic Qadisha Valley which is one of the five

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lebanon


Hasroun is surrounded by mountains. It is easy to locate this village since all of its houses have red roofs.

It is nicknamed the Rose of Mount Lebanon because of the roofs!

This village is where authenticity and nature meet. Traditional Lebanese houses and the locals’ hospitality are Hasroun’s legacy.

Hasroun is a great destination for pilgrims since it is full of churches and convents. Mar Mikhaël, Mar Yaacoub and Mar Laba date back to the 8th century!

Pilgrims in Hasroun can easily visit Qadisha Valley that has housed Christian monastic communities for many centuries.

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For those of you who love food, you must try the 50 cm giant pizza from Charbel Touma’s bakery!

Hiking is one the best activities you can do in Hasroun besides exploring!

There’s a trail that links the village to Qadisha Valley.

While you’re there, considering visiting Bcharreh, Qnat, and Hadath El Jebbe! They’re breathtaking destinations as well.

Also, you must visit the Forest of the Cedars of God which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

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The view is spectacular!

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Hasroun looks majestic in winter!

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