Head Of Beirut Port Security Just Fled Lebanon Despite Travel Ban

The head of the Security and Safety Department at the Port of Beirut Muhammad Ziyad Al-Awf was seen fleeing Lebanon late last night.

Al-Awf was detained in Lebanon pending the Beirut Port Blast investigation.

He, along with all other detainees, was released by Judge Ghassan Oueidat during a spat with lead investigator Judge Tarek Bitar.

Their release was accompanied by travel bans. But despite this, Al-Awf managed to get on a flight from Beirut Airport heading toward the United States.

Al-Awf holds Lebanese and American citizenship.

According to MTV, it is believed the enforcement of the travel ban was delayed to allow for him to flee at night.

Judge Tarek Bitar unexpectedly resume his investigative work into the Beirut Port blast following a 13-month hiatus due to political interference. He returned summoning and charging officials and judges allegedly in connection to the explosion.

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