Lebanon’s Head Of COVID-19 Vaccination Committee Withdrew His Resignation

Abdul Rahman Bizri

Dr. Abdul Rahman Bizri, head of the coronavirus vaccination committee in Lebanon, announced during a live conference that he will not resign, only hours after explicitly stating that he will be doing so.

The World Bank has noted down the breach in contract, which could be the reason why Dr. Bizri retracted his resignation, calling it a “natural reaction” from his side.” According to him, though, it was the pressure from his peers in the committee that made him change his mind.

Yet, he maintained that he might still resign if an official clarification is not made by 6 pm tomorrow, Wednesday.

He stressed that the breach by the officials “cannot be tolerated,” criticizing the members of the parliament by saying that “a real statesman waits for his turn like any citizen.”

He called for a clarification from the 16 MPs who were just vaccinated at the Parliament in what he described as “a breach that hurts people’s confidence in the vaccination campaign.”

He also called out the Lebanese Health Ministry, as he explained that it is the one responsible for sending the vaccines to the Parliament.

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