Health Minister Urging Self-Quarantine in Lebanon

Lebanon’s Minister of Health Hamad Hassan stressed in public statements the necessity for self-quarantine in order to reduce the risk of contracting Coronavirus or spreading it to others.

In remarks he made to VDL (100.5) Radio Station, the Minister stated: “Home quarantine is necessary and the latest developments which came out yesterday are good indicators of this fact.”

The Minister said that multiple government hospitals are further being equipped and will be utilized as isolation units for diagnosed infected individuals – as they pose a threat to their families, visitors, and the Lebanese general public.

He noted that the Rafik Hariri University Hospital is only dedicated to “suspected cases.”

Lebanese have criticized the government’s response in combating the virus as well as its failure to stop on time flights coming from countries highly infected with the disease, such as Italy and the ever-so-sensitive Iran.

The latest number of reported Coronavirus cases in Lebanon rose to 93 on March 14th.

According to a statement issued by the Lebanese Ministry of Health one day prior, one of its employees in the central administration has tested positive for the virus. She reportedly contracted it from a relative who had been infected abroad.

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