Lebanon’s Health Ministry Implements Measures To Counter Jaundice Outbreak

MTV | Monla Hospital

After the recent outbreak of Jaundice in Northern Lebanon, the Ministry of Public Health released a statement regarding Jaundice causes, symptoms, number of cases, and vaccination.

The ministry stated that Jaundice is not new in Lebanon, in fact, every year numerous Jandice cases are reported all over Lebanon. It added that the disease usually lasts for 2 weeks to 50 days and that it is more common amongst adults.

Kids, according to the ministry, often show little to no symptoms, especially toddlers, while adults are more likely to show them.

Regarding infection, the ministry said that it spreads through mouth or urine contact. Moreover, it urged all citizens to maintain personal hygiene.


Regarding the outbreak in the north, the ministry stated that it is likely due to the mixing of sanitary water with sewage water, which was caused by a lack of maintenance in infrastructure.

The ministry assured that it is closely following the process of maintenance in cooperation with local authorities. It is also working on sterilizing water supply sources regularly and conducting awareness campaigns on how to deal with Jaundice.

It concluded its statement by assuring everyone that the reported cases in different Lebanese regions are not related to the outbreak in the north and that it is working with NGOs on providing the required vaccine.