These 10+ Heartwarming Stories From Lebanon Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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These past two months have been tough for the Lebanese people. The COVID-19 outbreak and the necessary but tough measures have made daily life hard and complicated.

But as it usually goes in life, good things come out of bad situations. People in Lebanon have never been so close and compassionate towards each other. The poor are donating to the poorer, and there are people who are risking their lives every day to serve and protect the nation.

And that’s not all; these heartwarming stories from Lebanon will certainly restore your faith in humanity and in the Lebanese nation.

#1 Every single individual is contributing something

Healthcare workers are our heroes and our saviors in this war; they are doing their part and more during this pandemic. People in their turn, and while confined to their homes, have been making sure to lend them support in all possibly way.

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They have been providing them with free housing, transport, and even psychological support through various endeavors like Beytna Beytak, Siyaretna Siyartak, Speak Up COVID, and more.

#2 Mindfulness in action

Many, if not all, municipalities in Lebanon have been distributing food boxes, money, medicine, and other basic needs to their citizens.

Some municipalities are even doing the shopping and delivering for the residents, thus keeping people safe inside their own homes. Many municipalities, like Tannourine for example, are giving free COVID-19 tests.

The Ghobeiry Municipality, for instance, took a bold step this week, purchasing all bread from a bakery and selling it for less to small grocery stores so people can get their bread at a normal price.

People are not only keeping each other safe but they are also keeping each other aware.

As an example, a team has been providing citizens of Arsal in Bekaa with awareness sessions, sanitation materials, and symptom checks, as well as education and empowerment programs.

#3 Creative efforts by the people to boost people’s spirits during confinement

A hilarious parade took place in the South of Lebanon with a truck, decorated in colorful balloons, blasting a funny COVID-19 awareness song: “We won’t handshake, we won’t kiss, we won’t transfer the virus.”

Oh, and a giant mouse was dancing along. The kids must’ve been thrilled, which was the goal behind this whole thing.

#4 Recognizing the new heroes and honoring them like never before

Never have the health workers been given any due attention like during this harsh fight. Today, all eyes and hearts in Lebanon are on and with them, and no citizen and no law-enforcement personnel are shunning away to openly express their gratitude.

From collective applauses on balconies to the security forces standing in salute for them, the Lebanese people feel humbly human in front of the magnitude of the health workers’ relentless dedication to saving the country.

#5 Faith, hope, and solidarity

This is how the Lebanese stand in the face of every hardship: with their never-ending faith. This initiative was taken by Father Fady Tabet to give hope to the population, and it worked. All Lebanese people, religious or not, watched in awe as the Lady of Lebanon lit up with the Lebanese flag.

Similarly, the National Museum of Beirut lit up with the colors of Lebanon’s flag, and also most recently with the colors of the Italian flag in a stance of solidarity and moral support with Italy.

Nabil Ismail

The same stance was taken by the people of Tyre, lighting up the city clock tower with the colors of both the Italian and the Lebanese flags.

#6 Mothers in confinement were not forgotten on their Day

Many mothers received roses from their balconies this Mother’s Day in Lebanon via drones. Pandemic or apocalypse or zombie invasion, Lebanese mothers deserve the world. They are our heroes during these times.

#7 Love thy neighbor

This entire neighborhood came out on their balconies to celebrate their neighbor’s birthday during quarantines. The love and loyalty these neighbors have for each other are like no other. The dedication is really remarkable.

#8 Going out of the way to boost the spirits

Ahla Fawda’s mission is the community in all its aspects; community service in all ways that create positive energy and help in making a difference.

This amazing small team made an outstanding accomplishment a few days ago; they brought joy, happiness, and hope into the hearts of hundreds of nurses, doctors, patients, and families through music.

#9 A solo endeavor for the sake of all

The story of Kareem is that of true determination. He faced oppression and pandemic on his own to make a point that concerns all the nation, and young Lebanese like him.

“April 18: Kareem set out from Bchamoun to downtown on foot, aiming to pitch his tent as a stance against the corrupt government’s policies. Unfortunately, wherever he went, the police went after him…”

#10 Risking one’s life is seen also outside the health sector

Several MEA crews called for people to stay safe at home while they themselves took the risk to bring back home many Lebanese stranded abroad.

Similarly, a team of Lebanese engineers is taking risks every day at the airport to ensure safe flights of MEA airplanes.

#11 A horseman brings hope for life in Beirut

The horseman of the apocalypse, as some people called him teasingly, decided to make a statement of prevailing life to the unusually empty streets of Beirut. He rode his horse around the city, had some snack breaks, and lifted the spirit of the confined people wherever he passed.

#12 Romance defies the odds

While COVID-19 is all that is on most people’s minds during this time, others have their significant other in mind above everything else. A proposal is always a risk, but what about a proposal during a pandemic? This Lebanese man was up for the challenge.

#13 Nothing stands in the way of the Sobhiye

If you rob this nation from the traditional Lebanese Sobhiye, then they’ve got nothing else to lose. While remaining safe and committing to social distancing measures, these two neighbors caught up on the latest neighborhood news and stories. Life continues…

#14 People looking after each other in every way possible

The way Lebanese people are looking up for each other is truly admirable. This campaign got everyone to hang statements against domestic violence on their balcony with the phone number of Abaad in order to help those at risk in the confinement of their homes.

#15 Another great national moment

Balconies are the new platform on which the Lebanese express their emotions, gratitude, love, opinions, and talents. In other words, they are the new social media.

This video documents the amazing moment when everyone clapped from their balconies in appreciation to healthcare workers who are risking their lives from ours.

#16 Performing music for the neighborhood

Another way to unwind and help others unwind. This amazing performance from a Lebanese man in Burj Hammoud is the perfect proof that this population will give up for nothing and that nothing can bring those people down.

#17 Giving back

A restaurant in Beirut refused to get paid for an order placed by health workers at Rafic Hariri Hospital. The order arrived with a bill marking zero, and a handwritten note that says: “This is the least we can do to the people who are protecting the nation.”

#18 Animals are coming closer as to tell humans that life is prevailing

Because they are as important to the earth we share, they get also to join our list here. Their presence has become more relevant, with the Lebanese extending their confinement.

Somehow, they bring us a message of hope that the emptiness out there is not real but beating with life, a life we all get to now see and acknowledge as valuable to us. Watch this amazing scene in Bekaa:

Amid the darkness of this crisis, you gotta love how nature is healing, how animals are enjoying themselves without us, how the pollution has decreased, and how our views are clearer than ever.

We have a dedicated coronavirus section where you can find the latest news/updates about the pandemic in Lebanon, inform yourself with WHO-verified resources, and track the number of cases in Lebanon in real-time. Click here.

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