Heartwarming Video Shows How Loving The Lebanese People Are


Problem after problem, crisis after crisis, disaster after disaster, and heartbreak after heartbreak… And one can’t help but wonder:

How will the Lebanese people keep going? How will they survive this, and how will they survive that?

And every single time, those amazing people surprise us, because each time they do survive and they do go on, and it is all thanks to their loving spirits and generous hearts.

It is all due to the people empowering and supporting each other in every way possible; those they know and those they don’t know.

What they know for sure is that they only have each other and that they are in their crises together.

We’ve seen how amazing Lebanese people are in post-blast Beirut. They have been volunteering to clean houses and streets, rebuilding people’s homes, raising funds, providing food, medicine, and medical checkups, auctioning their artwork, and other acts to ensure the basic needs of those affected.


And they have been on the frontline of the blast, rescuing people and saving lives, out of humanitarian love and without forgetting the pets of Beirut.

In this heartwarming video, we see them from a different angle, which is not less brave, and actually takes a lot of courage because it requires great efforts to go beyond the general state of devastation and grief.

Here you see a group of Lebanese youth inviting those affected by the Beirut explosion for a collective meal in the street, and the invitation carries joys:

Applause, songs, and a cheerful atmosphere; all in a brave attempt to ease these people’s struggles, especially the elderly and the injured.

And then after people came down to the street, they all gathered around the big table to share a prayer of gratitude and then a meal prepared and provided with joy and love.

This video is a striking example of the Lebanese people’s fierce determination to survive and live in peace, loving and caring for each other and their country.

That’s the true Lebanese spirit the world can’t see when looking at the ruling body and its political stadium.

This is Lebanon. The people.

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