12 Heartwarming Videos Of Lebanese Expats Surprising Their Families

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The Lebanese people, wherever they are in the world, are known for their resilience and fierce determination to overcome challenges and obstacles.

It has a lot to do with the collective legacy of survival, probably embedded in their DNA by centuries of fighting to survive during too many phases to count.

The beauty around that is that even those who leave the country remain connected to their homeland with that powerful bond.

Every time Lebanon is under a difficult crisis, the expats are the first ones to help and provide moral and financial support in the hard times. That has been all too relevant during these past three years.

Now, since Christmas is approaching, many Lebanese expats are coming back home despite the wrecking crises to enact support and be by their loved ones.

Many of them have shown up by surprise and the scenes are absolutely heartwarming as the videos circulating online show.

These videos, showing up one after the other on social media, are doing even more than warming the hearts of the Lebanese. They are inciting other expats to come back home for Christmas.

Watch them below:

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