Heavy Rains From A Supercell Cloud Are Flooding Beirut’s Main Roads (Videos)

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Saturday morning started off nice and sunny, however, that all changed in the early afternoon when a sudden thunderstorm appeared over Beirut.

Lightning, thunder, and heavy rain with hailstones falling out of the sky came in a storm that seemed to manifest out of nowhere.

According to weather specialist Fr. Elie Khneisser, the flood and hail were caused by a storm from a supercell cloud.

Now, various roads across the capital city are completely flooded and cars are drowning. Even parts of the highway are impassable.

People are blaming the flood on failed infrastructure due to a lack of preparation on the governmental level.

It is not unusual for floods to happen regularly at the beginning of the rainy season. However, arguably, not to this extent.

People captured the tragic moments of getting caught in the flood and cars struggling to move around. Not to mention the heavy traffic.

They are caught in a dangerous driving situation. If anything happens to their car, they’ll also have to pay for repairs – which will be too costly.

It is even life-threatening to people on motorcycles, such as delivery workers. The flood is breathing life back to a yearly seen hashtag: “Lebanon drowns.”

More unfortunate is that the ISF is expected to write fines for people who stay out after curfew… At this rate, drivers will be stranded in the flood for hours.

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Heavy Rains From A Supercell Cloud Are Flooding Beirut's Main Roads (Videos)

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