There’s a henhouse inside the building of Electricité Du Liban

According to an MTV report, there’s a henhouse inside Lebanon’s state-owned power company Electricité Du Liban (EDL). It was discovered by a team of inspectors during a surprise visit.

The video shows wooden cages containing chickens, chicks, quails, and eggs. The henhouse is located on the floor E2 which is close to the garage of the building and the entrance. So, people can hear the sound of the chicks as soon as they enter the building. 

Via Rasha AbouZaki


The people involved in this scandal will face severe sanctions regardless of their position in the company.

Lebanon suffers from an electricity crisis since the end of the civil war in 1990. Lebanese people across the country have to deal with power cuts several times a day.

Via Rasha AbouZaki


During outages, residents turn to private operators, who charge four to eight times more than the state-owned electricity company. So, Lebanese people have to pay to EDL and private electricity providers every month.

24/7 electricity in a South Lebanon village thanks to solar panels

A village in South Lebanon proved how sustainable energy could save Lebanon from daily power cuts. 

Via EU in Lebanon

The EU funded a 250kWh solar farm in Qabrikha, a village in South Lebanon. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) executed the project. The residents are enjoying 24/7 electricity and paying less. The electricity expenses dropped by 30%!


Using solar energy to generate electricity is the best solution to the power shortage crisis in Lebanon. It reduces electricity bills and helps to slow/stop global warming. It’s an eco-friendly and a pocket-friendly solution!

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