Here Are The Positive Things Michel Hayek Predicted for 2024

2024 Predictions
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Lebanese clairvoyant Michel Hayek, renowned for his strikingly accurate predictions, has shared an optimistic outlook for 2024. Among his forecasts, Hayek foresees a period of stability and constructive diplomacy, enhancing Lebanon’s global standing.

These positive predictions paint a picture of a year filled with progress and prosperity for Lebanon, its people, and other countries around the world:


Independence Day

The time of dualities is coming: the airport is two airports, Rafik Hariri Airport, and a real airport this time will be on the horizon.

Real estate sector: one investor goes, another comes.

Lebanon is embarking on a path opposite to the system.

The performance of public administrations is revitalized to recover from their paralysis.

Lebanon: renaissance is making its way south.

The land of the south will come alive with thousands of expatriates and tourists.

Large deposits are heading toward Lebanon.

There will be a President of the Republic through a cesarean section and a magic wand from outside the appointment calendar.

Beirut will attract people with money and minds.

Beirut will be the capital of capitals again.

Downtown will return to its previous era: “Beirut in the first and Beirut in the end.”

The miracle that will save Lebanon is coming, and the miracle is coming through a miracle.

Development of an oil refinery between Tripoli and Al-Zahrani.

The revolution will not be a memory.

The year 2024 will not be a waste of time.

Lebanon will be “empowered”.

Retirement from political work will be complete.

At the port, there will be two truths, not one truth.

The Maameltein area in two events, one turns it into the first, and another turns it into a better place.

Jbeil will steal the spotlight from other cities.

Finding treasures in Batroun and above its barren lands.

Stabilizing the national currency, regardless of the price of the dollar.

The land of the south will be vibrant with thousands of expatriates and tourists, and Lebanon will witness prosperity despite the war.

Instead of one block, there are two, and instead of sea, there are two on land as well.

A notable recovery in the health and educational sectors.

The Governor of the Bank of Lebanon, Wassim Mansouri, recruits all employees to find a solution to deposits, structure the banks, and open closed doors to achieve financial stability.

The return of the displaced in more than one way: voluntarily, forcedly, and some will remain until further notice.

Restoration and construction of football fields with international standards.

A solid and stubborn personality in the Lebanese judiciary to correct its course.

The gates of heaven are open, so ask for whatever you want.

The Gaza war leads to a solution in Lebanon.


The Emir of Kuwait will be the Emir of the positive shock.

The Emir of Kuwait enters directly to end conflicts in Kuwait, even sports ones.

The end of corruption in Kuwait.



Gaza’s wealth in the sea remains for Gaza and its people.


Jessica Lee

From the heart of the Dead Sea, life and vitality will come to Jordan.

The Jordanian King is in the stadium to encourage sports.


Mona El-Shazly and Omar Adeeb light up the Arab screen and achieve achievements at the heart of the challenges.


The success of Lebanese youth in Canada.

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