Here’s How the Lebanese People Are Protesting in Bekaa

Lebanon has been in a non-stop revolution mode for almost a month. From north to south and from the mountains to the coasts, protests are nonending and everyone is equally motivated and insisting. Protesters all over the country have been up to some great and remarkable ways of revolting. With the most attention given to the main cities of Lebanon, we deem it important to bring some spotlight to our revolutionaries in the Bekaa region as a mean of support. Here’s what they have been up to: 


#1 They are supporting other areas:

Via Gino Raidy

Numerous vans and buses have been transporting protesters from the Bekaa to the places of important and wide gatherings in Lebanon. Among these activities of unity, they joined protesters in Tripoli, showing their support to the people in the north on the second of November. There are also daily transportations to Riyad El Solh in central Beirut, and some don’t even charge their passengers.


#2 They are as hospitable as ever:

Via Zahle TV

Protesters of the Bekaa invited the protesters of Jal El Dib for a joined protest in the Manara Square of Zahle. Zahle is considered the capital of Bekaa and has been witnessing a high number of protesters during the last 28 days. This event is happening on November 13 at 5 pm. 


#3 They are organizing dialogue sessions:

Via Zahle TV

Also at the Manara Square in Zahle, people are gathering for dialogue sessions, the most recent handling the subject of the general amnesty. The purpose of these sessions is to spread awareness and enlighten one another as protesters, thus planning their next moves and strategies.


#4 They are gathering

  • In Zahle

Via Zahle TV

  • In Saadnayel / Taalabeya:

Via أخبار البقاع

  • In Chtaura:

Via أخبار البقاع

  • In Bar-Elias / El Marj

Via Rami Salloum

  • In Baalbek, El Hermel

Via البقاع الشمالي ينتفض

  • In Kab-Elias

Via kabelias net

  • In Jeb-Jannine

@akhbarminalbeqaaembedded via  


#5 They are influencing the future generation

Via Souline Abou Dib Najm

Even little kids wanted to be part of the revolution, so the schools in Bekaa gave them the time and freedom to express themselves as the grown-ups do. Kids gathered in their schoolyards, raised Lebanese flags and painted it on their faces. They also raised banners with popular phrases of the revolution written on them.


#6 Students are protesting to secure their future:

Via اخبار البقاع

Students from Kab-Elias, Zahle, Taalabeya, Saadneyil, Bar-Elias and other areas in the Bekaa participated in the students’ movement happening in Lebanon. Students skipped their lessons and protested in front of their schools, then marched to the Saraya in Zahle where they resumed protesting against corruption.


#7 The women movement:

Via لمفكرة القانونيةl

Just as everywhere in Lebanon, women in Bekaa had a big impact on the revolution. In Baalbeck, for example, a crowd of women held and distributed white roses, proving with this gesture that their revolution is peaceful. They also brought everyone sandwiches and raised funds to secure supplies for the coming days.


#8 They are marking their territories:

Via Zahle TV

This statute in Zahle, along with many other places, has been marked by the Lebanese flag. This is what the revolution is all about: We all pledge allegiance to one flag: the Lebanese flag that should be the only one raised in the country.


#9 They are looking after one another

Via طارق أبوعلي

Middle and West Bekaa areas were covered by emergency and relief apparatus, for the sole purpose of ensuring protesters’ safety and well being.


#10 They are lighting candles

Via kabelias net

In Kab-Elias, people marched while holding lit candles and singing songs of the revolution. A band consisting of drums, flutes, and saxophones led the march. Protesters walked the whole region with music, soft lights, and unified voices.


#11 They are releasing sky lanterns

Via Lebanese forces

Sky lanterns are becoming a beautiful ceremony of peace and hope in this revolution. It is an amazing activity that leads to a peaceful ambiance, which is what people are looking for. Protesters in Zahle did their part in releasing red and white sky lanterns to their sky from the heart of the city.


#12 They are uniting


School and university students, along with their teachers, held a long and unfolding Lebanese flag from Dahr el Ahmar all the way to Rashaya while chanting the Lebanese anthem. They signed the flag with their names and demands.


#13 They are claiming their rights

Via Zahle TV

Men, women, and children made their demands clear with banners that expressed their needs. People came to the protests with their families and friends, and they made sure that their voices were well heard.


#14 They are also making pan-banging noises


Protesters weren’t satisfied with only making noise from their balconies, they brought their pans with them to the protest. People in Baalbeck took to the streets with these kitchen instruments to make it impossible for authorities not to hear them.


#15 They are challenging themselves

Via Tony Georges Kraitem

Individuals from the forum of people with inabilities in Zahle also took to the streets. They accompanied their fellow protesters, making their voices move with the people.


#16 They are demanding justice

Via Zahle today

People in Bekaa are taking their protests to more practical sites. They are now standing in front of the justice palace, the Liban post, Ogero, Alfa and MTC establishments, etc. 


#17 Their protests are also expressed in joyful music

@madikarimehembedded via  

The Bekaa has had its share of great music, DJs, lighting and energetic people. In fact, the famous DJ from Tripoli’s revolution, Madi Karimeh, came to Chtaura for a revolutionary party. People from various areas in the Bekaa Governate attended this great event.


People in the Bekaa, as well as every other area and region in Lebanon, are all doing their part with dedication and loyalty, and also determination, and they are much appreciated for it. This unity between Lebanese people all over is truly incredible. They are standing together as one, fighting the same battle every day for the sake of a better Lebanon. This is what the Lebanese spirit is all about. Keep it up!

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Here's How the Lebanese People Are Protesting in Bekaa

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