Here’s How the Lebanese Protesters Reacted to Hariri’s Resignation

After Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation earlier today, Lebanese took to the streets and joined the protesters in different Lebanese regions, from Beirut to the far north and south as well as in the Bekaa, celebrating their victory in achieving their first demand; the fall of the government. That’s while stressing that the revolution continues until they achieve all of their other demands.


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PM Hariri’s resignation came as a significantly good event for all protesters. Some considered it an important boost to the two-week protests, others thought of it as a big achievement, a winning against the politicians, and some stated that it’s a good first step but that they are still going to stay in the streets.

Whatever the slight difference in perspectives, it didn’t stop the protesters to celebrate across Lebanon in their own areas and through different ways:


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  • Riad El Solh and Martyr’s Square: People reacted joyfully, and rushed to set up again their tents in Riad El Solh and in El-Azaria after a day of street brawls instigated by supporters of Hezbollah and the Amal Movement parties.
  • Zouk Mosbeh: People sang the Lebanese anthem while the protesters danced the traditional and famous dabke.
  • Jal El Dib: Protesters expressed their happiness, celebrating with fireworks.
  • Sidon: The protests spread to Elia Square where demonstrators were invited to join the night celebrations.
  • Tripoli: A welcoming march was held with the government’s resignation.

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PM Hariri’s resignation came after 13 days of ongoing protests, with the protesters refusing to leave the streets even after Hariri announced an approved reform paper last week along with government partners, as well as the 2020 state budget as a solution.


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