Here’s The List Of Who Won In The Mount Lebanon IV (Aley-Chouf) District

Interior Minister Basam Mawlawi finally began releasing the results of the 2022 Lebanon Elections, 2 days after voting ended.

The Chouf-Aley district achieved surprises in favor of the opposition list “Unity for Change.”

It primarily competed with the “Partnership and Will” list (the Progressive Socialist Pary, the Lebanese Forces, and the National Liberal Party) and the “Mountain List” (an alliance between the Free Patriotic Movement, Talal Arslan, and former Minister Weam Wahhab).

However, the “Partnership and Will” list led by Teymour Joumblatt is the major winner.

The opposition also managed a great achievement represented by Marc Daou, the representative for the Druze seat in Aley, Najat Aoun, the representative for the Maronite seat in Chouf, and Halima Kaqour, the Sunni representative in Chouf.

Here is the list of all winners in Lebanon’s Elections 2022 in Mount Lebanon IV (Aley-Chouf).

Winner NameSectElectoral List
Teymour Walid JoumblattDruzePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Marwan Mohammad HmadehDruzePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Bilal Ahmad AbdullahSunniPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
George Jamil AdwanMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Najat Khattar Aoun MaroniteUnited For Change (Communists)
Halima Ibrahim QaaqourSunniUnited For Change (Communists)
Farid George Philip BustaniMaroniteThe Mountain
Ghassan Amal AttallahGreek CatholicThe Mountain
Akram Hussein ShehayebDruzePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Marc Bahjat DaouDruzeUnited For Change (Communists)
Ragy Najib El SaadMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Nazih Amin MattaGreek OrthodoxPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Cesar Raymond Abi KhalilMaroniteThe Mountain

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Here's The List Of Who Won In The Mount Lebanon IV (Aley-Chouf) District

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