Here Are The Final Results Of Winners In North II (Tripoli, Minnieh, Dennieh) District

The Ministry of Interior published the results for the North II (Tripoli, Minnieh, Dennieh) district.

Here are the results:

Winner NameSectElectoral List
Ahmed Mahmoud Al-KhairSunniLebanon Is Ours
Abdul-Aziz Ibrahim El-SamadSunniLebanon Is Ours
Jihad Murshid Al-SamadSunni The People’s Will
Ashraf Ahmed Rifi SunniRescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Taha Ateft NajiSunni The People’s Will
Ihab MatarSunni The Real Change
Abdelkarim Mohammed KabbaraSunniFor the People (PSP)
Ramy Saadallah Fanj SunniRevolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Elias Fouad KhouryMaroniteRescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Firas Ahmad SalloumAlawiteThe Real Change
Jamil Abboud AbboudGreek OrthodoxRescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)

The opposition has been able to secure another seat through Ramy Fanj.

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