Here’s What Michel Hayek Accurately Predicted About Israel & Hamas

Media El Balad | @alishoeib1970

Social media is buzzing with talk of Lebanese astrologer Michel Hayek’s uncanny predictions concerning the recent “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” initiated by Hamas in the Gaza Strip against Israel.

In his ominous words, Hayek declared, “With the trilogy of blood and spirit, we redeem you, O Aqsa. This isn’t merely a slogan; it encapsulates the entire battle. Israel will find heroes among prisoners in its jails in the days to come.”

But Hayek’s unsettling forecasts didn’t end there. He further detailed the context, revealing, “The event will unfold during a Jewish holiday, pitting security challenges against health challenges.

Netanyahu will issue impassioned directives, evoking his past deeds. Songs by Mohammed Assaf will become anthems of the revolution.”

He concluded, “One Palestinian faction will diverge from the rest, leading to internal factional dilemmas… Al-Aqsa Mosque will become a pivotal hotspot, a land of events, and a breeding ground for news.”

As “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” enters its fourth day, clashes and missile strikes persist in the Gaza Strip. Israel has formally declared a state of war, intensifying its aerial bombardments.

Hayek’s astonishingly accurate predictions have left the online community divided—some credit him with eerie foresight, while others maintain their skepticism.

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