Hezbollah & Amal Partisans Assaulted The Candidate Wassef Al Haraki

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According to Al Jadeed News, the candidate Wassef Al Haraki was assaulted by Hezbollah and Amal Movement partisans at the polling station in Borj El Barajneh-El Mensheya.

A lawyer and prominent political activist against Hezbollah and Amal since the onset of the Lebanese Revolution, Wassef Al Haraki is running in this election for the Shiite seat in Mount Lebanon III in the electoral list Kuluna Watani.

The partisans assaulted him with “Zionist Zionist” accusations for running against their party. “You want to represent a region you are forbidden in,” a voice was heard yelling.

Not a first for Wassef Al Haraki who had been their target on many occasions, including from the authorities’ police.

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