Hezbollah Billboards Overcrowding Beirut Airport Highway Were Finally Removed


As previously announced by Lebanon’s Minister of Tourism, Walid Nassar, the ministry is now initiating new measures to promote tourism, starting by removing the Hezbollah-affiliated posters that had long overcrowded the highway of Rafic Hariri International Airport.

At opposed to the political posters of Hezbollah and more so of the former Irani Commander Qasem Soleimani, there are now new posters and billboards reflecting the beauty of Lebanon with numerous Lebanese regions, and carrying a slogan meaning Welcome to Lebanon.

The Ministry of Tourism is initiating new campaigns to promote tourism. The most recently-issued decrees require the facilitation of free access to public beaches and that tourism spots charge their menus in US dollars.

Recent statistics show an increase in the number of travelers through Beirut Airport, as the numbers increased 69% compared to May 2021.

Additionally, the Syndicate of Owners of Marine Tourist Complexes and the Secretary-General of the Union of Tourist Establishments, Jean Beiruti, confirmed that hotel reservations are very high.

Adding that reservations touched 50% in hotels along Lebanon’s coast.

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