Hezbollah Blames LF For Tayyouneh Clashes

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah laid all the blame of the Tayyouneh clashes on the Lebanese Forces party in a televised speech late Monday night.

“The real agenda of the Lebanese Forces is to incite a civil war, and cram them into a Christian ghetto which they can govern,” he said.

He stated that presenting Hezbollah as the enemy of the Christians is unfair since it secured Christian towns in the Bekaa when ISIS was a looming threat, Nasrallah said while claiming that the LF was aiding ISIS back then.

He also claimed that the biggest threat to Lebanese Christians and their security is “the Lebanese Forces and their leader” Samir Geagea.

He noted that his party has not engaged in disputes with the LF over the last few years but that it currently has 100,000 fighters ready to be mobilized if necessary, he warned.

Nasrallah‘s speech came a few days after violent clashes erupted in Beirut and killed 6 people, including Hezbollah and Amal members.

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