Hezbollah Chief Accused Of Slowing Down The Maritime Border Negotiations


Hezbollah’s chief, Hassan Nasrallah, is being accused by Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gants of slowing down the negotiations for the maritime border deal between Lebanon and Israel.

“Nasrallah is obstructing the attempt to reach a solution, harming the Lebanese and the energy sector,” Gants issued on Tuesday.

He added, “We’re hoping that the situation wouldn’t devolve into a war or days of fighting. We must defend our right to extract gas without harming the Lebanese,” he said.

The deal on the maritime border issue was reported this week to have reached its final stage, with high-level discussions over how and where to sign it.

The resolution to this long-dragging dispute could eventually bring Lebanon out of its economic troubles and into a new era of prosperity with the extraction of its offshore riches.

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