Hezbollah Files Official Complaint Against U.S. Ambassador

Hezbollah Files Official Complaint Against U.S. Ambassador
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Hezbollah’s “Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc” filed an official complaint regarding the recent remarks of the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon.

A delegation of the Bloc met and lodged the complaint with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Nassif Hitti.

“In the name of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, we lodged with Minister Hitti an official protest letter against the statements and violations of the U.S. Ambassador,” said MP Mohammad Raad, the leader of the Bloc, in a press conference.

The delegation requested that the Minister summons Ambassador Dorothy Shea, with Raad noting that the respect for the rules and diplomatic customs “positively affects the reputation of the Ambassador and whom she represents.”

“We asked Minister Hitti to take the measures that he sees appropriate to rule on the U.S. ambassador’s behavior, statements, and interference in our domestic affairs,” Raad said.

The MP explained that the official protest targets Shea’s alleged meddling in Lebanon’s domestic affairs, “from appointments to specifying a provocative position against a group of Lebanese, and extending lies, and misleading.”

The complaint comes a few weeks after Lebanese Judge Mohammad Mazeh issued a decision banning local media from conducting interviews with Shea, and the latter from giving statements to the media, for a full year.

This was after the Ambassador referred to Hezbollah as a terrorist organization in a TV interview, which recently elicited a lawsuit by a Shia cleric, who accused the U.S. diplomat of “espionage” and “insulting half of the Lebanese people.”

Judge Mazeh’s ruling, in addition to stirring controversy and political discord in Lebanon, prompted the Judge to be summoned for judicial inspection.

This caused him to submit his resignation to the Supreme Judicial Council, which has since signed it.

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Hezbollah Files Official Complaint Against U.S. Ambassador

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