Hezbollah Defector Reportedly Revealed Secret Information About How The Militia Operates

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There are many unknowns surrounding how Hezbollah operates in and across the region. In a report, Al-Arabiya’s Al-Hadath news channel cited a Hezbollah defector who revealed secret information about the militia and its military map for .

Here is what he said:

has weapons stored in every area of

According to the defector, if an arms depot was attacked, Hezbollah has thousands of others, including but not limited to the 3 arms depots in Jnah previously exposed by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

has residential military compounds

The defector reportedly indicated that these compounds are located in Jiyeh’s coastal side, a place south of Beirut known for its attractive beach resorts.

has tunnels between cities in

The -backed party has tunnels running between Beirut and South .

divided South Lebanon

Hezbollah reportedly sectioned South Lebanon into two sides divided by the Litani river and which it names as the Badr Unit and the Nasr Unit (north of the Litani river).

owns multiple properties and lands in Christian-majority areas

These properties and lands are reportedly registered in the names of certain members of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) as a cover-up. The Hezbollah-allied FPM is a party founded by Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun and led by his son-in-law Gebran Bassil.

An international secretive intelligence agency works for Hezbollah

Equipment for Hezbollah is transported by members belonging to “Unit 900” who hold special military cards issued by a top-secret intelligence agency that is close to the militia. These members carry out tasks that Hezbollah categorizes as “external”, meaning outside of Lebanon and the party’s territorial influence.

“Hadi Unit”

Al-Hadath added in its report that the division of Hezbollah responsible for ammonium nitrate and explosive heads, like the ones found in a warehouse in Jnah, is called the “Hadi Unit” and is also referred to as Unit 1600.

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