Hezbollah Election Delegates Were Switching Votes (Video)

May 15th, 2022 was indeed historic in Lebanon, but not for what it was expected. The Lebanese won’t certainly forget what the day carried of bold offenses against their democracy.

Disrespect for people’s rights, negligence in enforcing the law, chaos, mismanagement, and despotism, all came to reflect on the ground in one single day, what the Lebanese have been enduring from the ruling body for years.

It does also validate the reason why the Lebanese Revolution and the new movements from civil society have been so eager to bring a change.

The most relevant transgressions were recorded from Hezbollah and the Amal Movement partisans, causing chaos and tensions, acting violently territorial, and committing fraud in polling stations.

One of the most outrageous was caught on camera in a polling station in Jawar Al-Hashish in Baalbak-Hermel Governate: Hezbollah election delegates frantically opening the ballots, checking them, and switching them, in what seemed like an act of despair.

That proactive electoral fraud brings into question the “election security plan” that the Minister of Defense had promised the people.

Same in regards to the various interference by these parties with the citizens voting in booths, reflecting despotism and territorialism, and no security officers stopping them.

From its side, LADE launched an investigation into that act of fraud in Jawar Al-Hashish, commenting as follows:

  • Ballot slips after counting are not returned to the envelopes.
  • Representatives of the lists should not participate in the vote-counting mechanism.
  • A female observer in this polling station monitored 567 female voters without the signature of the head of the polling station and the clerk on the ballot slip from behind. And every signature after sorting is considered a violation.

Outrage has taken the Lebanese people watching these “violations” and the acts of fraud. They question whether the Lebanese authorities will duly act upon them to all the extent of the law, or will they overlook them as it always happens when it comes to these two parties?

On the other hand, a citizen who dared speak against the president at a polling station was brutally dragged on the street by the authorities and arrested.

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