Hezbollah Denied Involvement In Archbishop Al-Hajj’s Case


The case of Archbishop Moussa al-Hajj, involving his arrest at the border, upon his return from Israel to Lebanon, has created political tensions in the country, with an exchange of statements and accusations, and the usual controversial denials.

During an interview on Al-Mayadeen TV, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah denied any involvement in the arrest of Archbishop al-Hajj, stating that “the Lebanese security agencies do not work at Hezbollah’s instructions.”

“Hezbollah knew of the archbishop’s case from the media,” he added.

“I tell all Lebanese people, especially Christians, that Hezbollah has nothing to do at all with Archbishop Al-Hajj’s case,” he said.

Nasrallah warned that what happened over the past two days over Archbishop’s al-Hajj case will not keep a state, institutions, or judiciary.

He added though that “the transfer of money from occupied Palestine to Lebanon is an outlawed action regardless of its reasons.”

“Judge Akiki is being accused of treason because he ordered General Security to search the archbishop’s suitcases, and today the marginalization of security agencies and the judiciary is being practiced by those who objected against us when we spoke of the port blast incident,” Nasrallah said.

During the interview, Nasrallah also warned Israel that, with no maritime border agreement with Lebanon, it will not be able to extract gas from the Karish field.

As for the presidential elections, Hezbollah will not have a candidate but it will decide whom to support among the candidates.

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